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Meet Paulette

I grew up in a place called the UP. It is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a full third of the state's landmass but a very small fraction of the population. Most of my life was spent in places that treated Green Bay, Wisconsin as a Big City. After a few months in Houston, Texas, I know for a fact that Green Bay isn't all that big, but it also isn't very small either. It certainly colors the way one looks at the world.

After high school, I went to Michigan Tech along with several other classmates. Why not? It was a very good school. You could get a really good job with a degree from there. When I started at Michigan Tech, I was an engineering student. Now what do they say about good intentions? In the meanwhile, life intervened and my path shifted. When I eventually graduated, I had a certified education in business and communications.

There were always pieces of tales rolling around my mind, but it wasn't until many years later that circumstances allowed them a voice. It strongly influenced my work toward a communications degree. I'd always loved science fiction and fantasy, and later, I discovered that I actually enjoyed the romantic elements as well. And who doesn't love a good adventure? Especially when none of the risks are yours and all of the benefits are vicariously enjoyed on the page in front of you?

Always interested in books, over the years I found that I enjoyed putting together the layouts for project booklets and documents. Once I began paying attention, I also discovered that some of the so-called professionals weren't actually all that qualified in using good design techniques. In assisting my husband, author R. E. Kelly, in self-publishing his books, we added Kadythe Publishing to Kadythe's Arts.

Currently, we're back in the UP with our young children who are currently in training...for what we're not quite sure.

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Follow me for updates about upcoming works as well as a commentary of life in general.


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