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Relentless Pursuit

My first foray into Flash Fiction for a contest on
For a definition of Flash Fiction try this one from Wikipedia

Initially Written: 2010.05.14
Latest Revision: 2010.05.15
Word Count: 288 words

Hell found me.

I couldn't believe it. I'd never been found before when I didn't want to be. I'd always hidden my location successfully but this time, it apparently wasn't a thorough enough job.

One would think that hiding tracks in a free-flowing stream and covering one's self in the filth of others would have confused even the best of hounds, natural or otherwise, but I was oh, so wrong!

The day was hot and the water below me was cold. I hate water but as a precaution, I immersed myself in it before leaping up into the overhanging tree branches even though it would remove some of the alternate scent that cloaked me. The sturdy trees held my slight weight easily enough as I made my way along their boughs to avoid leaving a traceable scent on the ground for the canines who howled in the distance.

I finally perched on a secluded ledge on an outcropping that was open to the sky. As I listened to the dwindling bays, I dozed in the warm sun.

A roughness scraped across my face. My eyes flew open and I barely stifled a startled yowl. There he was, looking down at me with his big, dark, amusement-filled eyes.

I should have known I couldn't hide from him.

His white coat didn't glow, not even at night, and his ears weren't as bright a red, but there was no missing the influence of his father's Fae genetics. Not for this or any other cat. We know these things.

Besides, no ordinary breed could have made it up the rock face to that ledge, especially one of that size.

Hell, that damn dog, found me anyway. Just like he always did.